How a Home Inventory Can Help Keep You Organized

Organizing is never just putting stuff in its rightful place and calling it a day.  It is a systematic process with a heavy dose of behavior modification that takes a great deal of strength, determination, and will power.  Once a room, house, office, etc. is physically organized, the work is only half done.  Keeping the space organized is the other half.  This is where a Home or Business Inventory can be extremely beneficial.

Think of an Inventory of a blueprint for an organized space. Tanking inventory with photos, video, and written descriptions of the items within each room is an extremely powerful tool for staying organized.  A Home or Business Inventory is a binder that is laid out room by room documenting photos and written descriptions of where each items should be in a room.  The addition of video to the inventory caps off the process, allowing for easy reference of what should and shouldn’t be in each room.

A Home or Business Inventory is also helpful when one is downsizing, moving, planning an estate, getting divorced etc.

Patrick Martin of Steadfast Disaster Planning a NAPO New England Associate Member

For more information on how a Home or Business Inventory can aid you in your organizing, as well as the myriad of other uses for an inventory, please visit us at We work with Professional Organizers as well as people who are in need of organizing. We offer professionally documented third-party inventory services, but equally important, we can show you how to conduct your own Inventory.

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