Add Organizing Sessions To Your Gift Registry

After helping some recently engaged friends move into a new apartment together the bride to be let out a big sigh, looked at me and said, “We need to register for your services!”  My response was, “what a great idea!”

Merging households is by far one of the biggest life transitions a person will experience.  Finding techniques to handle the stuff in our world takes time and reevaluation regularly.  Unfortunately, there is no magic wand that will determine the perfect system for you and your mate.  Trial and error will enable you to learn about your work style, your mate’s work style and how to merge them.

Consider bringing in a professional after merging households.  A fresh perspective could offer you ways to speed up your transition.  Friends and loved ones would be tickled to know their wedding gifts contributed to helping to create systems that will aid your relationship for years to come.

Hillary Adams CaseHillary Adams Case is a Professional Organizer with Living Peace LLC of Salem, MA and Winchester, MA.  Check us out at  Or call (617) 519-5693.

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